ESRIUC Final Notes! New in the Better Late Than Never File!

Ok, I promised these like three weeks ago. In my defense, the move took a lot out of me. Of course in my condemnation, I could have posted these before the move! Anyway, leaning on the “better late than never” principle, here are my notes from the sessions I attended. Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend as many sessions as I would have liked, as we had a pretty full interview schedule. The first session details all the notes I took concerning new analytical tools coming, most notably the spatial statistical stuff. The second session details a lot of the really cool stuff coming on the server side of things. In the first session, the presentation was fairly methodical and I was able to take stuff in and then write it down. However in the server session, they covered SO much material in such a short period of time that I was more or less typing a sentence or two behind what they were saying. Be sure to let me know if I missed or misrepresented any of the details!


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TomTom’s new Map Share functionality – update your own maps

The new TomTom GO 520 and 720 models will feature a new functionality called “Map Share” will allow users to update their maps to reflect changes in the road network and use them for route planning and directions immediately, instead of waiting for updates from the company. In addition, the new system will allow users to sync their unit with their PC and upload changes to the Internet via TomTom’s HOME application. TomTom will certify users’ changes before adding them to their database or sharing them with other users, and the Map Share feature won’t replace the company’s own commercial updating system.

The new models are scheduled for release in the fall in the UK and Ireland, but no word on when or if they will make it to the US, and they are not yet featured on TomTom‘s website, but I’m curious to see how well the sharing aspect of the new functionality will work in practice.

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