Special Episode 23…the correction

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The great and powerful Dave pointed out a couple of oversights in the post for SE 23 (thanks Dave!). I misspelled Aileen Buckley’s name (apologies Aileen) and I completely forgot to post the second half of the interview which was a discussion with Craig Gilgrass about how folks are taking to some of the Geodatabase […]

One Seriously Geographic Car

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In more ways than one….. it’s the Think City! The article is rather lengthy but it’s well worth the read. This car touches on so many sub-disciplines of geography it’s almost scary – environmental issues, globalism, sustainability, mobile computing, and distributed information sharing. Not only is the car itself impressive, the business model is fairly […]

Landscape as Art…..Literally

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Each year, people in the Japanese village of Inakadate create works of art in their rice fields by planting different colored varieties of rice within the main green-leafed variety. This year, the fields recreate 2 famous wood block prints from Japanese artist Hokusai, the Great Wave and Red Fuji. They are pretty cool, and will […]

New Geoblog….. from the Future!

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Wired magazine is hosting a new geoblog from Bruce Sterling. However, there is a twist in that this is the blog of a fictional character named Harvey Feldspar and it takes place in the year 2017. For those unware of Sterling’s work, he’s a fairly prolific science fiction writer (particularly of short stories). A lot […]