Upcoming GIS and web book

gis4webScott Davis is authoring an upcoming book entitled GIS for Web Developers: Adding ‘Where’ to Your Web Applications from the Pragmatic Bookshelf the book will be out either June or October. Davis has been writing and speaking about GIS and web development for a couple of years.

Things the book will cover include

-Find free sources of GIS data on the web
-Browse GIS data using open source desktop viewers
-Manipulate GIS data programmatically
-Store and retrieve data using geographically-enabled databases
-Explore free web toolkits like Google Maps
-Publish and consume web services using OGC interfaces

And you can even buy a ‘beta’ version of the book in PDF now.

A pdf is available that outlines some of the concepts that will probably be in text (links to a pdf)


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Jesse is Instructor in Geography and a PhD candidate in Geography focusing on the integration of phenomenology and geospatial technologies to study prehistoric cultural landscape. He is a GIS Professional and Registered Professional Archaeologist and holds an MA in Geography and a BS in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology.