Morning Plenary Notes from the Opening Day

I took pretty detailed notes and thoughts from the morning and afternoon sessions. I’ve edited them up slightly to get rid of typos, but otherwise I left them alone. It’s a sort of stream of consciousness type notes and it weighs in at around 3,000 words. If you’re interested in a detailed look at what happen in the morning continue on. I’ll try to get the evening notes edited and posted later.


I’m in the largest room I’ve ever been in outside of a concert. Actually, it’s sorta like a concert because there’s three big screens showing nice nature movies and some sort of nondescript background music playing. Of course like any good concert, there’s a nice chill in the air from the AC going non-stop to cool everything off before the rock happens. I’ve never been to a Steve Jobs presentation and I wonder if it will be something like that. I doubt it – Jobs is a geek rock god and GIS people never struck me as that fanatical.
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