Planet Action – geospatial engagement

This is a great example of what ISDE5 is all about. SPOT Image in conjunction with partners ESRI, Infoterra, and Unesco is presenting Planet Action which is a participatory/educational site that:

aims to support projects all around the world whether from scientific or civil origins, bringing these communities as well as various industries together in an effort to foster awareness and coping strategies

and will focus on an array of earth observation ideas. It has a great subtitle of “Spot the impacts, engage in action.” We missed the unveiling on Monday, but there is a press event of Thursday so we will try to get an interview then. Head over to the Planet Action site to find out more on your own.

Made it to ISDE5

After an ‘interesting’ travel day, Sue and I have made it to Berkeley for the fifth International Symposium on Digital Earth. We registered and are now in the plenary session for the general introductions from local to international organizers. The sessions run from today through Saturday morning and there are quite a few activities outside of sessions. If you are in the area I would definitely recommend coming down and checking it out…there are day rates for registration. We will be bringing you interviews and overviews throughout the week.

JFK Terrorists May Have Used Google Earth

The Age is reporting that the terrorists plotting to blow up JFK airport in New York may have used Google Earth in their planning. As the article states, less than a month ago, the head of the NGA offered the opinion that the US government should consider censoring satellite photos. Certainly any tool can be used for both good and evil, but hopefully this latest revelation won’t have a negative impact on the emergence of these open tools.