Details of avsp live show

We have finalized the details of the avsp live show at the ESRI UC.

When: 4:30 PDT, Tuesday, June 19
Where: Room 11 A/B, San Diego Convention Center
Who: Everyone is invited

We have an acoustic performance by earthShine which includes a GIS professional as lead singer and my college roommate on guitar. We will have a few guests joining us on mic, but we are still forming up the guests, so email me if you would like to discuss something specific. We will start the actual show around 4:40 to give folks a chance to arrive from the sessions that end at 4:30, and we will try to finish the show itself in time for folks to make it to the 5:30 SIG sessions.

We will be hanging out after the show and will eventually make our way to the geobloggers meetup at 8:00 at Mr Tiki’s. Don’t forget to RSVP with GeoMullah if you plan to attend the meetup.