WooHoo…time to play with code

Summer is here, grades are turned in, time to play with the toys. As some of you know we have been waiting anxiously for ArcGIS Engine 9.2 to upgrade some projects for the day jobs and try out some of the new bells and whistles. Since they pushed Engine into a new EDN package for university site licenses (which got held up various reasons) we have been chomping at the bit until today, when it finally arrived. We will be playing with it for a few weeks and then we will be talking a bit about it on a future episode (the only thing Sue has been looking forward to more is the arrival of her OQO model 2, which if it isn’t here soon she may do something drastic).

Our viz lab also just got in a few copies of CarbonTools Pro after Sue pointed them towards it and if we can pry a copy away to play with it, we will share some thoughts on it as well. Keep tuned for further developments.