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US wants to censor satellite imagery

The good folks over at Ars Technica are reporting an AP article that says the US Intelligence community wants to have the license to censor satellite imagery. The idea is for the government to be able to control what the public can and cannot see in times of war or emergency via satellite. That way, people can’t take advantage of the situation by using the imagery. Although I can see the NGIA’s concern, I have to say I’m highly skeptical of the ability for the government to even begin to do this. Buying up all the data like they did before Afghanistan is impractical and the US isn’t the only game in the space town anymore. How can you stop data from around the world making it onto the Internet for all to see? Also, it’s always important to remember that that which can harm often can do good as well. Certainly however one feels on the issue, it will be an interesting development to follow.

2 thoughts on “US wants to censor satellite imagery

  1. I really don’t know what prompted the NGA (not NGIA) director to bring this up. In nearly every class dealing with RS I’ve taken at UND the issue comes up eventually. The answer is always the same – shutter control can’t work and everyone knows it.

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