MapInfo 9.0

If you head over to the homepage you will be greeted by a splash screen stating that the MapInfo acquisition by Pitney Bowes is complete and that the new name will be PB MapInfo, and if you continue on, you can find info on the upcoming June release of MapInfo 9.0, which WILL be Vista compatible, and offer a few upgrades. I saw this on a mailer that arrived today, but the website hasn’t been updated just yet, but they say check back soon. I am excited that there is a software release so quickly after the acquisition (that it didn’t get held up for no real reason), I just hope that the software support continues into the future.

MapInfo Professional� – Overview

2 thoughts on “MapInfo 9.0

  1. It is more that I hope that development and support speeds up. While I am not a regular MapInfo user, I haven’t noticed any patches or updates announced since 8.5 was rolled out a year ago…then again, I may be so used to the current ‘beta’ and ‘web 2.0’ world that I just can’t imagine a package that doesn’t have an updated version at least once every 6 months. Heck even the IM client I run gets updated about every other week 🙂

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