Geographies of Insecurity

In another example of developing new ways to map and explore our experiences, New Media artist kanarinka has started a project called “It Takes 154,000 Breaths to Evacuate Boston.”

From the website: “In Spring 2007, kanarinka will run the entire evacuation route system in Boston and measure its distance in breaths. The project is an attempt to measure our post-9/11 collective fear in the individual breaths that it takes to traverse these new geographies of insecurity.”

Five runs have been competed so far, beginning on April 18th, and you can view each run on a Google Maps mashup on the project website (just click on Runs). There is also a podcast for each run. An exhibit from the project was part of the 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival, and runs for the project will continue until 2008.

This project is an example of a growing number of projects and initiatives, like the BioMapping Project or SoundTransit, that are working to expand our understanding of how we experience the landscapes we inhabit by trying to map and record how other phenomena that we can perceive vary across space and time.

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