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Food Mapping – knowing where your eats come from

I am sitting here catching up on my geography news, and practicing typing on my new OQO Model 02 (more on that later), when I came across an article about “food mapping,” tracing the origins of foods such as meat, cheese, wine, produce, etc. The idea is to let you know that if you’re paying extra for food from a certain place, such as Kobe beef, you want to be sure that you’re getting what you pay for. A worldwide network of scientists involved in the TRACE Project have been recording geological and climatic information about different regions around the world, and “Using this information, they have constructed mathematical models that can predict the expected levels of natural constituents, such as isotopes and trace elements, in food products from a specific location.”

Right now, the research is being partially funded by the UK’s Food Standards Agency, but certainly would have applications throughout the world in monitoring food supply and its movements.

Via TimesOnline