BioMapping Project heads to San Francisco

Christian Nold, the creator of the BioMapping Project (which made the blog rounds back in November for the Greenwich Emotion Map), is spending 5 weeks in San Francisco in his latest emotion map project. Using volunteers equipped with GPS receivers and polygraph devices, Nold maps their paths through various areas and records biomechanical data such as elevated heart rate or blood pressure. By combining these data with each volunteer’s personal account of what they experienced, Nold generates maps that show the changes in volunteers’ bio responses, as a way of gauging their emotional reactions as they experience various parts of an urban environment. One interesting point in the news article, is that Nold receives almost daily inquiries about the practical applications of his project for business and marketing.

We will be in the San Francisco area for ISDE5 at the beginning of June, so maybe we will be able to catch up with Christian for an interview if he is still in town.

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One thought on “BioMapping Project heads to San Francisco

  1. Elevated emotions? Or just, Elevation? After all, San Francisco is a city famed for its hills.;) Seriously, if I were doing such measurements, I’d want to make sure the path logs included elevation changes and speed of movement, ambient temperature and humidity, etc…

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