VSTV Season 2 coming soon

Well it is about time for us to start our second 13(ish) episode season. We are going to start off with a hands on with the OQO Model 2 that Sue just received, followed by several conference interview episodes. If there is a specific person you would like us to try to speak with while we are wondering through ISDE or ESRI UC, shoot me an email and I will see what we can do.

amAze mobile service will offer high-res imagery

LocatioNet Systems, a UK-based mobile mapping and LBS company, announced a partnership with DigitalGlobe to provide high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery for their amAze mobile mapping application (yes that is how it is spelled), which was launched a few weeks ago. The idea is to combine mobile maps and GPS navigation with the same real-time navigation of high-resolution imagery that you can enjoy with full-size Internet browsers, only on your mobile.

Currently, the application is free to mobile users with the appropriate service and phone types (Java-enabled), and can be downloaded from the amAze website I really want to see how well amAze is able to stream and render the imagery on the mobile platform, but of course, none of us has a Java-enabled mobile phone so, while we can’t try it out. Maybe some of you out there will be able to check it out, and let us know how well it performs or even send us some screen shots.

Via SatNews