Glasgow Urban Model – amazingly detailed 3D virtual city

The launch of the city of Glasgow’s 3D virtual map, called the Glasgow Urban Model, got some press from the BBC. The virtual mapping project cost 450,000 pounds, and was actually led by the Digital Design Lab at the Glasgow School of Art, as opposed to a GIS or mapping entity. The model was built to be used with TerraExplorer, which is available from SkylineGlobe, which you can download from a link at the Glasgow Urban Model site.

The screen capture images show the amazing photo-realistic detail of the model. According to the BBC article, the images of the building facades are accurate to 5 mm. While there is no way to really test that by viewing the model, the detail is impressive. According to the Glasgow City website, the goal of this 2-year project, “is an interactive 3-D, digital model of the City Centre and River Clyde accessible via the Council’s website that will allow the public greater access to and understanding of the development of the city.” So, the Glasgow Urban Model will be used in practical applications as a tool for planning, tourism and promotion, and other city functions.


Coke, Pop, Soda…. Other?

Ever taken a long trip across the US and stopped in a local restaurant? What do you ask for when you want some bubbly fizzy sugar water to drink? As anyone who has traveled around the country can tell you, they don’t call it the same thing everywhere. Now you can fit in like a local with the help of this handy, dandy soft drink names by county map! You don’t have to face those ugly sneers from the wait staff and other patrons as you chime for a “pop” when CLEARLY these heathen people call it a “soda”. Of course that won’t help you in those weird counties that go with “other”…. whatever the heck that might be.

(for those outside the US for which this may be unimportant, know that the cultured term is, of course, “Coke”… the rest of the country is off its rocker)