Climsystems interview feed fixed

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The AAG interview with Climsystems apparently had 2 enclosures by mistake, so most people have apparently received the IDRISI interview instead. The feed is fixed, but if your aggregator grabbed the wrong file you can go back to the post and download the file directly. Apologies on the mix-up.


Mscape – HP Labs tries some LBS

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This project probably has already had some coverage, but I just found out about it, and thought it was worth mentioning. Basically, the mscape project is an initiative from HP Labs to explore location-based services from a social media angle, by creating a set of tools that allow users to create, access, and explore mediascapes, […]


US wants to censor satellite imagery

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The good folks over at Ars Technica are reporting an AP article that says the US Intelligence community wants to have the license to censor satellite imagery. The idea is for the government to be able to control what the public can and cannot see in times of war or emergency via satellite. That way, […]