Looking for guests at ESRI UC

We are thinking of doing a live show at the ESRI UC on Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are interested in joining us on the mic as we chat about the conference, any announcements, or just about anything…please email me at jesse at veryspatial dot com by Friday (May 11). If we have takers we will arrange a time and request a room.

Also, if you are interested watching such a circus email me so that I know there will be an audience. We will have a time nailed down in the next couple of weeks if there is interest.

How We Became Urban

For those unaware, we’re about to hit a world-wide demographic flip – very soon we will have more people living in cities than in the country. So how did that happen? Well this interesting article from The Economist charts the trend. The survey does of good job of charting the trend throughout human history, thus making for an interesting quick read. Clearly if the trends continue, fields like Urban planning aren’t going away anytime soon…