Map of Virgnia Tech Shooting Sites

For those who may not have heard, Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg Virginia has suffered a great tragedy on its campus. Thirty-two people were shot and killed yesterday by what now looks to be a single gunman. I grew up roughly an hour drive from that campus and I spent a lot of time there in high school, so I’m fairly familiar with its layout. However, for those who aren’t as familiar and would like to have some idea of the physical layout of the shootings, the Baltimore Sun has put up a google map detailing the source of the shootings. It’s unfortunate the satellite imagery isn’t very good for the area, so you could easily see how this could happen with the building layout. The campus is extremely beautiful. The oval section between the two shooting sites houses a lovely green quad area that is almost stunning in the fall. Most of the class room buildings face the quad and many of the dorms are behind those row of buildings. Unfortunately it seems what partially makes the campus so beautiful is just the thing that allowed the gunman to do so much damage.

We here at Very Spatial send our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the victims.

2 thoughts on “Map of Virgnia Tech Shooting Sites

  1. im am so sorry to hear about the shootings at your school. my whole family is keeping u in our prayers. when i heard about this i was devestated. something like this could have happened anywhere. but it had to happen at vt. just now that the school,the victims and their familys are in our prayers. i know this is a lot for two 13 year olds to be saying but the age doesnt count.
    my family and my school neal middle school loves you and hope everything gets better.

  2. I live in MI part time with my dad and my mom lives in Christainsburg, VA. I ften wne to the campus and knew people that went to school there or have gone to school there. It is a tagedy that many people feel for.
    Forever in Our Hearts.

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