LBS… Military style

The US military has been spending a great deal of time and money over the last decade or so trying to develop ways to make the on the ground solider more “plugged in” to the modern battlefield. Enter the Land Warrior system (LWS), a component of the Advanced Warfighter System the military is trying to roll out. Apparently the current version (third incarnation) of the LWS is being readied to be deployed for use by troops in Iraq. If this article is to judge, this seems like an idea that is great on paper, but not quite there in implementation. The troops using it don’t seem to like it very much. I find that unfortunate since I have all faith that a system like this will be on every combat troop in the next 20 years. It just makes too much sense not to have it. Of course, like we all know, LBS systems are evolving almost by the minute, so it’s no surprise the the military hasn’t gotten it right just yet.