Fotowoosh – more ways to go from 2D photos to 3D models

A week ago Friday, I saw that the fotowoosh site had gone live, and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog it until today. Licensing technology that was developed at Carnegie-Mellon, fotowoosh is similar to Photosynth, from Microsoft Research. fotowoosh will also allow you to generate 3D models from a 2D image, and the site currently features only demo videos from the alpha version, but there is a link to sign up for a beta invitation.

I am really looking forward to using these technologies (hopefully having 2 potentially competing products will spur both of them to try to get releases out sooner!), mainly because our research focuses on the representation of information in virtual environments, and some of the hardest work goes into developing the actual features of those environments, which often leaves little time and grant money left to do the really interesting work, which is to use the virtual landscapes as platforms for displaying and integrating other types of data. If we could have a tool, like fotowoosh or Photosynth, that could also us to generate the 3D models automatically from photos, then that would significantly reduce some of our development time.

And beyond that, the technology is just really cool! Now I guess we just wait and see who can get an actual beta up and running….

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