World’s Third Longest River Nearly Irreversibly Damaged

The New York Times reported yesterday that the Yangtze may be so so polluted that the damage is irreversible. It’s understandable that a country wishing to quickly grow its economy might be lax on environmental issues. However, it blows my mind that the Yangtze could be “irreversibly” damaged. Even if the claim is hyperbole, it certainly indicates an incredibly high level of environmental damage. Hopefully China can find some what to repair the river that accounts for 35% of its fresh water supplies.

When science fiction comes true

Michael Crichton wrote a book a called Prey about nanotechnology gone wrong – a swarm of nanobots that function as a hive and try to Borg the human race. Now British scientists have developed “Tiny “smart” devices that can be borne on the wind like dust particles could be carried in space probes to explore other planets” According to Dr John Barker, from the University of Glasgow, “the particles could use wireless networking to form swarms.” Cue ominous music, is that foreshadowing I hear? It’s a brilliant idea and combines everything I would want in a real life science fiction movie – space, technology, and the feeling you get when dreams (or books) become reality.