A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 85

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 85
March 4, 2007

Main Topic: Serving geographic information, Part 1

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  • We would like to send our condolences to Patrick at Geographic Travels with Catholicgauze and his family.

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    This weeks podsafe music:
    “Wave Goodbye” by Steadman

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    Book Corner

    • by Kristen Kurland and Wilpen Gorr from ESRI Press
      ISBN: 1-58948-148-8 2006 338 pages $69.95
  • Also mentioned: GIS Tutorial from ESRI Press and the Talk to the Authors podcast from ESRI UC 2006
  • Main topic
    Discussion around serving geographic information including:

    • Hardware
    • Bandwidth
    • Data
    • Storage
    • External APIs

    We just scratched the surface, so we will revisit this again in the near future and bring other perspectives from the Dev Summit.


    This week A Very Spatial Podcast is sponsored by ESRI.

    The 2007 ESRI Business GeoInfo Summit will be in Dallas, Texas, April 23rd to 25th. Join other industry professionals and commercial executives to learn how GIS can be used to make your business more effective and profitable. To learn more visit: www.esri.com/veryspatial