Meosphere – where it’s all about you

That’s right, it IS all about me in the Meosphere. While surfing the web this morning instead of finishing my work, I came across Meosphere, a site that rolled out in February, but that I hadn’t heard of. The front page is a little confusing at first, but if you check out the “How It Works” section, you’ll get a better idea. Basically, you sign up and then you go through the lists and maps on the front page to chronicle the places you’ve been, things you’ve done or are interested in. So, let’s say you visited Chicago….you could check off top restaurants you ate at or, if you like music, you can check off the bands you’ve seen. Then you can see a graphical representation of your life experiences. Which can be either really impressive, or a little bit depressing when you realize all the stuff you haven’t done……..

Meosphere is hoping that users will also help expand the lists and maps and suggest new ones, so it will be a social networking site, yet still be about you. Check it out and see what your meosphere ends up looking like.