Dev Summit Keynote by Microsoft

Eddie Amos is back this year and talking about the interaction and relationships between Microsoft and ESRI. It is tough that it was at 6:00 because it is a good general presentation. Eddie’s presentations do not lend themselves to bullets so you will have to wait and see if ESRi posts it on EDN with the rest of the conference content, but if they do you should definitely take the time to watch it.

Residential Wi-Fi spots Mapped

Slashdot is reporting an interesting article that claims AOL and Skyhook Wireless have mapped “the majority of residences in the U.S. and Canada” along with their wireless service (or lack there of). It is supposedly part of their “Near Me” service which allows AOL IM users to see people physically located near themselves.

I’m of multiple minds on this issue. One the one hand, it’s pretty cool to see the virtual linked to the physical. On the other hand, I don’t want people knowing about my personal WiFi. On the third hand, considering our state is going through some major address mapping issues, how the heck do we get that residential mapping data?

GPS-based Workforce Management launched by AT&T

While taking a break at the Dev Summit, I was catching up on tech news and noticed that yesterday AT&T launched their new GPS-based workforce management service, TeleNav Track, which is provided by TeleNav, but sold through AT&T. The service allows companies to track employee vehicle locations, mileage, send tasks and alerts to employees in the field and gives turn-by-turn GPS directions. So, now The Man can always know where you are, even if they can only guess what you’re doing there.

Via Yahoo!News