OpenStreetMap receives funding in the Netherlands

OpenStreetMap just announced some great news, that the group in the Netherlands just received 12,000 Euros to support the mapping efforts. While I live in the US and have grown use to grabbing data from any number of sources, I have a friend in Sri Lanka and I am wondering if I could visit him for a couple of months and ‘borrow’ some of his students to work a little in areas of the country…hmmm. Well it will have to wait until I graduate at least…maybe I can just talk him into getting involved 🙂

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In the Dev Summit Plenary

The first half of the Plenary Session focused on ESRI’s plans for the product line and for their development products. The timeline they put up showed SP2 in the next month, SP3 over the summer and 9.3 around the end of the year and there was even a little bit of discussion regarding 10.X. The first half was finished off by a discussion of ArcGIS Desktop. Click on more to see an abbreviated outline of the plenary.
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