248-dimensional space…ummm

The BBC has an article on a century old math concept referred to as ‘E8’ that has recently been solved. The construct results might be used in physics to consider concepts that require more than 4 dimensions such as string theory, etc. I am not going to try to boil it down, until I have had a chance to read more about it so you so should head over to the BBC site to find out more.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | 248-dimension maths puzzle solved

AVSP Roadshow in DFW

Well, Sue and I left Frank back in Morgantown to catch a flight to Palm Springs this morning. We are currently sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport waiting for the connection in a couple of hours. We found some fun items in the SkyMall catalog like personalized map jigsaw puzzles, custom Lat/Long plaques for your house, and of course the lovable, huggable globe. We should be in Palm Springs in time to catch the end of the Showcase this afternoon and make it to the geobloggers meet-up tonight.