US Time Change

daliIf Jesse needs to call Ed on Monday at 10:30 local time in the UK (5:30 EST), but the US Congress decided to save electricity by changing the date range for Day Light Savings instead of phasing out incandescent bulbs…and the clock springs ahead an hour on March 11 at 2:00AM and Jesse loses an hour of sleep on Sunday night since he has to get up at the regular time to get to work Monday morning but can’t fall asleep an hour early on Sunday…what time does Jesse call Ed on Monday when West Virginia has entered EDT. Remember to show your math, partial credit may be given 🙂

Don’t forget to reset your clocks on Sunday and to do the recommended Windows Updates and Mac Software Updates, and I’m sure there is a Linux patch, to make sure your computers all have the correct times. If you aren’t sure what time it is when you wake up Sunday, just check your cell phone.

Picture from DeviantArt