New T-Shirt design

betaWe have a new t-shirt design that is off-topic, but fun. I don’t think we will have them in time for the Dev Summit, but we will have them for Where 2.0 and the ESRI UC. The text reads “I’m still in Beta: all change requests must be submitted in writing” and we will have them in black to give away. If you don’t want to wait to get yours you can head over to our Cafe Press store to get your own in a variety of colors. The only difference is that the Cafe Press prints will not have a cool new logo on the back.

Also, we would like to ask more women to send in questions as we are essentially stockpiling the women’s fitted T’s ’cause they just aren’t going out the door. Remember, get your question on the podcast, no matter how involved or simple, and you will receive a VerySpatial t-shirt.