Ocean Beneath Asia

Have you ever heard of Atlantis being called the land beneath the ocean? Well how about an ocean beneath the land? Apparently researchers have found a sizable blob of water beneath Asia. It’s about the size of the Arctic Ocean and the yet another lovely byproduct of plate tectonics. Apparently it also serves a critical function in helping to dampen the effects of seismic activity.

New 3D virtual world Kaneva getting ready to launch

While catching up on virtual world and metaverse news, I found this interesting little article about a startup virtual world called Kaneva, which is in beta testing. Its creator, Christopher Klaus, notes in the article that he is expecting Kaneva to go live in the first half of this year. Klaus previously founded a company called Internet Security Systems, which was bought by IBM last year for $1.3 billion US.

According to Klaus, Kaneva is “a modern-day world, and it’s completely online. What we’ve done that’s innovative is brought social networking and media integration together. There’s both a browser-based interface and a 3D interface into the world. What that does is allow you to socialize and connect with others and get content purely with a browser. But if you want to get more engaged in an immersive experience, there is a 3D interface.”

Mark over at 3pointD also has a more in-depth post about Kaneva, and it seems that he actually had a chance to talk to Christopher Klaus and a couple of others from Kaneva and get some detailed info.

Via Digit Online