Top 11 Underground Systems in the World

Part two of our two part expose of the World’s Great Subways is this great article detailing the Top 11 Underground Systems in the World. If you’ve every had a hankern’ to travel the world to see it’s underground wonders, this is the site for you. Rather nice pictures of each of the Underground systems as well as a few movies give you a feel for what you can expect on your world tour. I have to say I was rather surprised at some of the amenities of these undergrounds – heated seats, ecologic cleaning systems, architectural wonders… most impressive.

O.K., I lied slightly… it wasn’t a two part expose, I just found a couple of interesting articles about Underground transportation systems I wanted to share…

Subway Maps From Around The World

Ever have an upcoming trip to (INSERT CITY NAME) and think, “Wow, I hate taking cabs. I wish I knew how to use the subway system in (INSERT CITY NAME FROM ABOVE HERE)!” Well here’s a great site for you! This site has gone through the trouble to scan in digital copies of all the subway maps of the major cities of the world. Unfortunately, they’re not very interactive right now, but here’s hoping for upgrades.

Virtual Worlds 2007

I was catching up on my metaverse news this morning, and realized I missed the announcements about Virtual Worlds 2007, a conference about the future of Virtual Worlds in a number of areas, including entertainment and marketing. Now, opinions may be divided about Virtual Worlds like Second Life, but if you look at the speakers lined up for this conference, it’s clear that a lot of people are taking it seriously. Keynotes include speakers from IBM Research, Nickelodeon, and MTV. In addition, there are featured speakers from the Centers for Disease Control, Harvard Business Review, Sundance Channel, CNET News, and Walt Disney Parks.

In addition, there will also be speakers from Linden Labs (Second Life), Entropia Universe, Whyville, and other virtual worlds.

The conference is scheduled for March 28-29, 2007 in New York City.

Common Sense and Scavenger Hunts

Some people don’t like scavenger hunts such as geocaching and the old fashioned clues and X marks the spot map because participants sometimes ignore common sense or courtesy. Some of the problems are caused by poor planning on the part of organizers. What was Cadbury Schweppes thinking when they organized a scavenger hunt that included one of the U.S.’s most historic cemeteries? Are people searching for a hidden coin that promises big money prizes going to stop mid-hunt to ponder the graves of John Hancock or Paul Revere? The Boston Parks commission closed the cemetery out of fear that graves would be desecrated. You would like to think that people would know that the coin wouldn’t be buried in a grave, which is probably what the company hired by Cadbury Schweppes was thinking.