San Fran residents tell us about your town

I am working on a series of podcasts in my role as interim-chair of the Graduate Student Affinity Group of the AAG leading up to the conference in April. In one of the episodes I would like to highlight interesting things to do outside of the conference in San Francisco, touristy, outdoory, etc. If you have suggestions of activities send me an email or give us a call at 304-756-8125 and leave a voice mail.

Heads Up Display for In-Car GPS Navigation

What with all the tech shows going on, new LBS and mobile hardware and software is just coming out out of the woodwork. One device that isn’t out yet promises to take away some of the hassle (and danger) of staring at your GPS in-car nav system by projecting the navigation information, as well as speedometer info, as a Heads Up Display (HUD) on the car’s windshield. Manufactured by GlobalTop, a Taiwanese GPS company, it is scheduled to debut at CeBIT, the world’s largest computer expo held each spring in Germany.

Via Engadget and Digital Reviews

AAA’s Internet TripTik now available for free

Looks like AAA (American Automobile Association) is looking to get more heavily into the online mapping market, as they’ve announced the venerable TripTik, now in online form as the Internet TripTik, will be available free of charge.

It’s a crowded market already, but AAA has a long history of providing travel services, and they may introduce a few new people to the joys and frustrations of online mapping.

Via EarthTimes

More light bulb news

The folks down under are one upping our friends in Raleigh, NC, by moving the entire country away from the beloved, but past its prime, incandescent light bulb. They will be moving to greener options that will reduce the power requirements of the country and, they hope, set an example for the rest of the world to do away with incandescent around the globe. And so begins the slippery slope towards Earth Day (wait, isn’t that everyday…).

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Australia pulls plug on old bulbs