Google Earth Saving Lives in War

Believe it or not, Google Earth isn’t just for finding your house. The BBC is reporting that Iraqis in Baghdad are using Google Earth mashups to plan escape routes to avoid sectarian violence in Iraq. The site has loads of information about how to avoid getting captured in the violence, not just the map. However it is interesting to see these new tools used in life saving ways.

Cutest snowplow……ever! It’s Yuki-Taro!

Yuki-Taro auto snowplowYes, leave it the Japanese to come up with an automated robot snowplow! Not only does the plow gobble up the snow like a giant roomba, it has onboard GPS and embedded video cameras for self-guidance. And really, how could you resist your own brightly yellow painted giant pokemon clearing your sidewalk and driveway while you stay toasty warm inside. Maybe someone could arrange a friendly airdrop of these guys to help clear out snow-buried upstate New York….

Via Pink Tentacle