Congrats to our winner

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Jay from Raleigh is our “Show Us Your Heritage” contest winner, who will soon be receiving a Genographic Kit. His image (right) shows his pregnant Great Grandmother (on the left) just before her first flight. At least she wasn’t in the third trimester when she flew 🙂 Anyway, congratulations to Jay and the runners-up (Jeff, […]


Can’t Wait for Google Universe? Try Wikisky.org!

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Wikisky.org is a fascinating site that displays thousands and thousands of astronomical data in a Google Map-esque interface. The data is based upon the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), which seeks to catalog around a million galaxies and quasars. The Wikisky application is almost overwhelming with data and information. It’s worth a bit of time […]


“The Last Mile” on the cheap

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The Last Mile problem is a well known issue in wireless broadband circles. Running between, say, cities is easy… getting it the last mile to individual houses is hard. Most of the solutions thus far have focused on rather expensive technologies (like tower based WiFi) that have limited utility. Enter these gentlemen. They are using […]