World without ‘mobile’

This week’s happy moment brought to you by the letters M, L, and W. We now have access to great mobile devices such as the OQO Model 2, the ‘soon’ to arrive iPhone and the Nokia N800, each of which are running a full modern operating system and each of which has WiFi and cellular data capabilities out of the box, two of which are phones. Ask anyone who has used a PDA-based mapping app, or folks who have developed for mobile devices, and they will tell probably say that they would be happier running a full version of the OS, and now we have that option.

I am pretty excited to see ArcPad running on an OQO (You are in the field, do you really need ArcView…) or QGIS on the N800 or iPhone. Now, I know this has been possible for a while with tablets and UPMCs and of course Linux PDAs, but with the increasing number of options it is getting closer and closer…now if I could just afford one of these great options.

And for some reason Frank to me to tell everyone he said ‘hi’…go figure.