The Future of Mobiles in the U.K.

This BBC article on the future of mobile phones in Europe is interesting because it talks about technologies that are used in Japan and the U.S. such as “”buddy finders” that alert you when a friend is in the same area or systems that track your morning run to show you how many kilometres you have covered and how many calories you have burned” and “location-based advertising, mobile blogging, location-based games and services that will allow you to geo-tag photographs with their locations”. The article explains why these services aren’t available in Europe right now and why Europeans will have access to some of them in 2007. What was interesting to me was that these services were available in the U.S., so I did some checking to see who offers them. A Dec.2006 Newsweek article talks about “All Seeing Eyes” and what it means for personal privacy. According to Newsweek, “No nation is farther along than South Korea, where SK Telecom uses the technology to call customers strolling by its Seoul airport lounge, inviting them inside. This beckoning from out of the blue evokes the intimate “awarenessâ€? of the wireless networks depicted in “The Matrix.â€? Cool Matrix images aside, isn’t this more akin to a mesh of real life pop up ads and someone wearing a sandwich board that says ‘eat at joes’ Especially if you lent your phone to your grandmother.