Only one week left in our latest contest

geoyes, that’s right, you only have until next wednesday, January 31st, to enter our latest contest – “Show Us Your Heritage!”

We’ve promoted this contest more on the podcast than the blog, so I’ll give you a quick rundown….Just send us a photo of something that, for you, represents your heritage in some way. For example, if you’re Italian and from Rome, a picture of the Coliseum might be meaningful to you.

Just email your photo, along with a short description of why you chose that photo, and that’s it!

We’ve already gotten some really interesting entries, so get your photo to us ASAP!

The grand prize is a free Genographic Project test kit, which will allow you to participate in National Geographic’s Genographic Project (the kits normally cost $100). We think that this a great project that is aiming to create a worldwide database of human DNA in order to trace our “deep” ancestry. The test is totally anonymous, and provides a general DNA profile of your ancestry, based on mitochondrial DNA or Y-chromosome (only for you guys out there, of course). Unfornuately, we can’t mail the kit outside the US, so only US residents are eligible for the grand prize. However, we will also two first prize winners, who will win other cool prizes like our new t-shirts. First prizes can be mailed to any address, US or internation.

Good Luck, and we will announce the winners on our February 4th podcast episode, so be sure to tune in!