It’s 2025…what are you doing?

Imagine being asked to form a discussion group with your friends to decide what life should be like in 2025? Okay, now imagine that with no Star Trek references. Science Horizons UK is a government group asking UK citizens to do that just and submit their information to the government. Its a year long project “to explore some of the ways that our minds and bodies, our homes and communities, our work and leisure time, and people and our planet could be affected by new science and technology in the future. We will be asking people to talk about the future with each other and tell us their hopes and concerns about the way science and technology could affect our lives.” It has an animated, interactive on-line component but it’s more of a structured dialogue than a free flowing brainstorming session. Also, all the stories sort of make me laugh, look up George and his jogging cap (GPS). It might end up telling people more about what their government thinks about them, then what they think about the future of technology. As an aside Earth:2025 is also an interactive webgame and Columbia’s Earth Center developed a map predicting the worlds population change in 2025.