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I am sure that I am finding this late, but it is always good for sites to get a second ripple through the blogs. I just stumbled across groovr (I am beginning to miss ‘e’s) which is a social networking site that is SMS based. Once you register you send a text message to groovr which, depending on what you send, allows to tell your friends where you are, create new places in the groovr database, make comments on where you are. This is not an location based project, instead it relies on groovr’s database of locations (you can search those on the website) and there are definitely more in the US than elsewhere, this is only limited by the number of people using the service. This is a great idea if you are trying to find someone on a Saturday night or, when I am more likely to use it, to catch up with friends at a conference when everyone has different schedules. Do keep in mind that your cell service provider charges for text messages 🙂

One thought on “groovr – communities and place

  1. actually everything is location based. i can find places within 5 miles of my house, or look at groups of people in my neighborhood. right now its showing over 35000 places already in the database, btu yes, most are US based at this point.

    im sure that will change in the near future though!!!!

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