GIS for your BlackBerry

I ran across a press release today for TDC Group’s Freeance Mobile, a suite of web mapping and database applications that promises to bring GIS to your BlackBerry.

Freeance Mobile consists of 3 BlackBerry applications: MapViewer, GPS Collector, and Search, that combine with database capabilities to allow users to perform GIS tasks in the field. However, it carries a heft price tag of nearly $15,000 US. If you’re a large organization that already has BlackBerry’s deployed to your staff, that might not seem like a lot, but is definitely out of reach of many people.

That led me to wonder if any other applications were out their for mobile mapping or GIS on the BlackBerry, and I did find SkyLab Mobilesystems’ Spot for BlackBerry, which has basic mapping and GPS capabilities for only $49 US, but not any kind of database application support.

I am not a BlackBerry user, so I am curious if anyone out there knows of other BlackBerry web mapping applications out there.

3 thoughts on “GIS for your BlackBerry

  1. The new Blackberry 8800 is shipped with a link to a GIS program called Telenav It is a subscription based application $9.99/mo and looks to be quite good for finding addresses and routing. Has 3D maps and 2D maps.

  2. Lets be clear when we say GIS for blackberry that we are discussing actual GIS software that carries GIS capabilities. Telenav serves as a googlemaps type of app. No GIS function. What we are looking for here is something that can assist the user when ArcMap is not available.

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