GIS for your BlackBerry

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I ran across a press release today for TDC Group’s Freeance Mobile, a suite of web mapping and database applications that promises to bring GIS to your BlackBerry.

Freeance Mobile consists of 3 BlackBerry applications: MapViewer, GPS Collector, and Search, that combine with database capabilities to allow users to perform GIS tasks in the field. However, it carries a heft price tag of nearly $15,000 US. If you’re a large organization that already has BlackBerry’s deployed to your staff, that might not seem like a lot, but is definitely out of reach of many people.

That led me to wonder if any other applications were out their for mobile mapping or GIS on the BlackBerry, and I did find SkyLab Mobilesystems’ Spot for BlackBerry, which has basic mapping and GPS capabilities for only $49 US, but not any kind of database application support.

I am not a BlackBerry user, so I am curious if anyone out there knows of other BlackBerry web mapping applications out there.