EPA Posts Data for Use in Google Earth, Maps, and Others

The EPA is making a bold and rather inspiring move in making an effort to post their data online for use in Mashups and online Mapping applications. As of Wednesday, they have posted a few hundred of the Superfund sites they have maintained for the last 25 years or so. The article indicates they plan on publishing additional data fairly soon. This is a great move by the EPA that I hope is closely mimicked by other Federal and International agencies.

2 thoughts on “EPA Posts Data for Use in Google Earth, Maps, and Others

  1. The EPA’s latest model for distribution of data in XML format is quite nice, as it has streamlined the dissemination/integration of the data in other mapping platforms. My company, terra IMS, was able to quickly integrate the XML data with Google Maps to create a mashup that provides a “Superfund Site Locator.”

    Our prototype of the locator can be browsed at:

    I agree, this is a great move by the EPA, and we look forward to integrating additional data in map mashups as it becomes available.

    Andres Ferrate, CEO
    terra IMS

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