Firefox plugin for Microsoft’s Photosynth Tech Preview

I don’t know how I managed to miss this last week, but the Photosynth team has released a Firefox plugin for the Photosynth tech preview. I just tried it out, since I am a regular Firefox user, and it worked great for me. So, if you haven’t tried the Photosynth preview yet, especially if it was because you are anti-IE, then head over to the Photosynth Tech Preview site and give it a test drive.

In our research work we would really have a ton of uses for Photosynth, so I’m hoping that a full beta will be out in the not-too-distant future.

Remains of village found near Stonehenge

You’ve probably already read or seen the news about archaeologists’ discovery and excavation of a neolithic village site at Durrington Walls (site of the world’s largest henge) on the Salisbury plain near Stonehenge. Still, it’s pretty cool that they’ve finally got some signifcant remains of domestic sites that may have used by the people who built Stonehenge and other religious sites in the area. Although the monuments themselves are amazing, for archaeologists it’s even more exciting to find evidence of peoples’ everyday lives, including their houses, tools, cooking vessels, and even organic remains. The new village site is so extensive, archaeologists expect to continue excavating until at least 2010.

Via Yahoo!News