The Future of Mobiles in the U.K.

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This BBC article on the future of mobile phones in Europe is interesting because it talks about technologies that are used in Japan and the U.S. such as “”buddy finders” that alert you when a friend is in the same area or systems that track your morning run to show you how many kilometres you […]


Only one week left in our latest contest

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yes, that’s right, you only have until next wednesday, January 31st, to enter our latest contest – “Show Us Your Heritage!” We’ve promoted this contest more on the podcast than the blog, so I’ll give you a quick rundown….Just send us a photo of something that, for you, represents your heritage in some way. For […]


North American Winds Used to Blow the Other Way

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Researchers have discovered that during the last ice age, the prevailing winds blew east to west, not west to east pattern we see today. Climate changes made everything shift thousands of years ago. It’s an interesting discovery and apparently helps explain some other odd findings, like the Pacific Northwest used to be much drier according […]