Brazil and China sign cooperation agreement for Geographic Research

Last week, a committee from China visited Brazil to sign a cooperative agreement for collaboration between the countries in GIS and cartographic projects. According to the press release: “The accord is aimed at improving both sides’ cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), as well as their environmental monitoring techniques and research.”

It is an interesting pairing, and I was wondering why China would pick Brazil of all countries to work with, and then I thought of the Amazon basin and efforts to preserve the environment there, and also of the issues that China is struggling with in terms of pollution and environmental degradation in its major river systems. That is just speculation, of course, and the real reasons may be something else, and I haven’t been able to find out too much more so far.

Apparently John Dvorak Agrees With Us

If you listened to this week’s podcast, you heard us talk about CES and MacWorld. John Dvorak reached the same conclusions we reached in our discussion.

This, of course, means that either we here at Very Spatial are either very wise or very in tune with the obvious. Knowing us, I’m thinking the ‘obvious’ one. All kidding aside, it is nice to have your opinion semi-validated by a fairly respected member of the Tech community.