A commerical for NCIS showed a low res image from Google Maps satellite view. One person said the area they were looking at was “Off the map” the other called it the boondocks. That’s right, if you live in an area with low res imagery…you live in the middle of no where 🙂

New GeoBlog – Free Geographic Information Tools

Leszek Pawlowicz emailed to let us know that he has started a new blog this week, called Free Geographic Information Tools, where he will be talking about, of course, free and inexpensive tools for GIS and geospatial applications. As he puts it in his first post on Wednesday: “I’ve decided to start regurgitating some of what I’ve picked up over the years, and start posting reviews, information and how-tos on this blog about where to get these tools, what they can do, and (sometimes) specific examples of how to use them.”

There are already a couple of posts up about GPS tools for Google Earth. We are adding the blog to our list, so check it out when you get a minute.