Blawg – you one-stop shop for those hip blogging and podcasting lawyers

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Yeah, I was catching up on the ViaVirtualEarth blog, and they mentioned a new mashup called Blawg and, of course, I had to check it out. I mean, lawyers blogging….and podcasting……what could be stranger and yet potentially amusing? Blawg’s front page gives a directory of law-related blogs (there are currently 1222, with 886 active) and […]

It’s 2025…what are you doing?

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Imagine being asked to form a discussion group with your friends to decide what life should be like in 2025? Okay, now imagine that with no Star Trek references. Science Horizons UK is a government group asking UK citizens to do that just and submit their information to the government. Its a year long project […]

The Future of Mobiles in the U.K.

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This BBC article on the future of mobile phones in Europe is interesting because it talks about technologies that are used in Japan and the U.S. such as “”buddy finders” that alert you when a friend is in the same area or systems that track your morning run to show you how many kilometres you […]