Why my PSP sits alone in the corner

I know I shouldn’t punish my PSP for something that Sony is doing, but I figure if I am not buying new games then Sony isn’t getting money. Why is the PSP being punished you ask…well I could say that it is because the PSP GPS hasn’t made it state side yet, but the real reason is the PLAYSTATION®Store. Why is the PLAYSTATION®Store so bad…it isn’t, it looks like it would be great except for the fact that I have to drop the money to buy a PS3 just to buy a PSOne title to play on my PSP. I bought the PSP for Death Jr and a few other titles, but since then the PSP hasn’t seen much attention beyond my plans to play PSOne classics on it. Final Fantasy 7 in the palm of your hand would be great…if I could even get to the store to see if it is available.

Eventually Sony will realize that there is a PSP/PC market in the states that will exceed their PSP/PS3 customer base for quite a while, until then I will be sure to dust off the PSP occasionally.