Autodesk Student Design Fest

Autodesk is doing something pretty cool for students. They have developed a community site that not only allows students to download quit a bit of their software, but also offers a social networking component with a Digg style ranking system for posts on the site. I signed up as a Gaming & Animation student since there wasn’t an option for geospatial, but I think you may get access to different things (software) depending on the degree area you select the only difference is the site css style.

Autodesk Student Community

The iPad – Dubai

One of our obsessions around here is the various and sundry developments in Dubai. In the past we have talked about the Palm and World islands…not to be outdone by SkiDubai. Now Gizmodo brings information about a new project in the planning, a building based on the iPod. Rooms won’t be available for a while, but of course they will probably have iPod ports in the rooms.

Check out some of Omniyat Properties current real estate.

The iPad – Gizmodo