IBM funding 3D internet project

I am starting to catch up on some things I’ve missed while we were getting ready for the SEDAAG conference, and this project is one I’m really interested in. An article from November 13th discussed IBM’s announcement that they will be funding a project to create a “3D internet”. This project will be part of IBM’s $100 million InnovationJam initiative, which will support projects in a number of areas, including Web 2.0, visualization, and even research related to console processors, such as PS3 and XBOX 360. IBM already has a presence in Second Life, but in this project the company will focus on creating an open source 3D world.

Although there’s been a lot of research into this area, when a company like IBM, with its R & D resources, decides to get involved in developing 3D worlds, they have the capabilities to do things that the rest of us can only dream about.