My3DVistas – new web application built with Virtual Earth 3D

Like many of you, I have been trying out Virtual Earth 3D, and there are some things I actually really like about it, and some not so much. I have had good luck in terms of performance speed, but the machine I have it installed on is the one we use for heavy-duty applications, so that’s not a surprise. I was a little sad to see the virtual billboards, not because they are advertisements, but because we are trying to something similar in another application for research purposes and we just haven’t been able to make it work. I’ve not really spent much time with the web mapping apps comparing imagery from place to place, but I do think the oblique imagery is impressive to look at and can be useful in identifying features. The 3D cityscapes are nice, and I like the texturing of the building facades. My favorite part are the pretty stars out in space that I get to look at while I zoom to bookmarked places. And, speaking of places, let me get the site that is the title of my post. According to the WIndows Live Dev page, is the first application built using Virtual Earth 3D, and lets you explore the Virtual Earth globe and add places of your own. It also has some pre-set Place Lists that you can zoom to with just a click of the mouse (It can get a little nauseous, though!), and the Panaorama View button does a 360-degree view of the place. The final feature that I want to point out is a nice little button tool that lets you add a GeoRSS feed to the Places list and zoom to places of your own. The default feed is a list of volcanoes. Overall, this is a nice app that demonstrates the Virtual Earth 3D globe.

Via Windows Live Dev