What do you want to know about Geography and geospatial tech

We are looking to add a new feature to the podcasts…we want you to ask the questions of the day, from the general geographic to the tech specific. In most cases we will try to answer your questions ourselves, but we will also go out and find the people who are the experts and get their ideas on the topic. Feel free to ask questions that have visual answers…we will answer those on the upcoming video podcast.

Send us your questions via email at questions (at) veryspatial (dot) com, Skype us (jesse-veryspatial) or leave us a voice mail at (304)756-8125.

If answer your question on the podcast, we will send you some SWAG (magnet, t-shirt, hat, whatever is on the shelf) so please be sure to include your details so we can send you something.

More Near Realtime US Election Mapping

As a follow on to Jesse’s post, CNN has near realtime election results maps for each state and broken down by Senate, Governor, House, etc. You can get breakdowns by county and congressional district as well. I haven’t checked out the other major news outlets yet, but my guess is that they also will make substantial use of mapping tools as well.

Get the Vote out

I am not sure where Frank is, but I will get his words out. There is still time to get out and make your vote count. So while watching SciFi’s Roswell marathon is a good way to spend the day, don’t forget your civic duty.

Near Realtime election mapping

Just got an email from Michael of the Ottawa County, Michigan GIS office. He pointed out their online election mapping of results as they are submitted. There will be a map for each race to show how each precinct falls in the county. I am sure there are a couple of other groups doing this, I just haven’t heard about it yet…If you know of a good election mapping site be sure to add it to the comments.

miOTTAWA, eGovernment Solutions for Ottawa County, Michigan