How is the US Congress on Technology?

Ever wondered how different Congresspersons vote on tech issues? Well the good folks at CNET have put together this handy, dandy web map showing just that! We missed this one on our round up in the podcast. They used a pre-determined ‘basket’ of tech issues that have passed through Congress over the last half-dozen or so years. None of those issues have any specific geospatial component, however several of them do impact the geospatial industry. It’s an interesting thematic election map, which there haven’t been a lot of those around this election. Plenty of groups, non-profits, and interests groups publish lists of how various Congresspersons vote on whatever issues central to their organization, but I haven’t seen a lot of them translate that into web maps.

Hopefully as the web APIs get easier to use and more powerful, more groups will do this sort of thing in the future. It’d be real cool if Google or Microsoft or ESRI or someone could aggregate all of those issue driven maps that don’t exist yet into a common map. That way voters could see how everyone in Congress is voting on the issues that matter most to them personally.

Serious Games Summit 2006: Overviews

The folks over at Serious Game Source have overviews of the keynote addresses from last weeks Serious Games Summit. I was hoping for podcast coverage of the Summt, but the only thing available will be a pay-per-podcast. While I haven’t come across anything explicitly geospatial, there is still some good information. I will add links as I find more coverage of the conference.

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  • Water Cooler Games – Live from the Serious Games Summit (day 1)
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